Finding the new way to invest

Make investing easier and Business Owners have capital to grow

How it works


Opening Online account to invest in SME/HouseHold Loans


Loan filter, Document signing, Disbursement and Loan collection on behalf on Investors


Using Loans and Repay investors the Principal and Interest

The Process

Loan Apply

Enterprises/Households apply for Loan will be consulted by our specialist and asked to provide a list of documents depending on the Loan products.


Enterprises/Households may only be introduced to Investors after they have passed strict appraisal steps. Lendbiz combines experience and technology to build a 4-step screening system with more than 100 evaluation criteria. The Appraisers directly meet and interview the Business Owners to assess the Reputation, Financial Capacity and Business Model of the Enterprise/Household Business.

Các Doanh nghiệp/Hộ kinh doanh chỉ được giới thiệu với Nhà đầu tư sau khi đã vượt qua các bước thẩm định chặt chẽ. Lendbiz kết hợp giữa kinh nghiệm và công nghệ để xây dựng hệ thống 04 bước sàng lọc với hơn 100 tiêu chí đánh giá. Các Chuyên gia thẩm định trực tiếp gặp và phỏng vấn các Chủ kinh doanh để đánh giá về Uy tín, Năng lực tài chính và Mô hình kinh doanh của Doanh nghiệp/Hộ kinh doanh gọi vốn.

INVEST & Fund Disbursed

Investors log into the system, review information and select borrowers. When capital requirement is met, Lendbiz will disburse the registered amount of each Investor. On behalf of the Investor, Lendbiz will draft, sign and archive all legal documents.

Lendbiz’s system allows Investors to easily place orders or manage their portfolios. Automated investment tools allow Investors to maximize benefits by letting the system search and place orders automatically according to selection criteria.


On the Due date, borrowers will pay back the principal and interest to the Investors. Upon receipt, Lendbiz’s system will automatically allocate the fund to Investors’ accounts. Investors may opt to cashout or reinvest.

To maximize the benefit, over 80% of Lendbiz Investors choose to reinvest the receivement. With a high yield rate from 15-20% pa, Investors will increase the profit rate to 15.47 – 21.47% pa if they continuously reinvest monthly. Compound Interest is the power to maximize the Investor’ earnings.

Mr. Nguyen Le Hoang

Vice Managing director

Nguyen is our Vice Managing director.  After graduating as an engineer in Information Technology at the Institute of Post and Telecommunications Technology, he has 13 years of experience in Information Technology:

  • 02 years as Deputy Director of An Vui Technology Joint Stock Company
  • 03 years as Project Manager at Fruitful Technology Co., Ltd
  • 02 years as Senior Developer at An Gia JSC
  • 03 year as Senior developer at Net2E Online Education and Training JS Company

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nam

Investment Head cum Marketing Head

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nam has been appointed as Chief Strategy Officer, officially joining Lendbiz's financial leadership team since June 2022.

  • Ph.D. graduated in 2019 from Hunan University (China-ranked 195 in the world - according to US News & World Report)
  • Expert on Vietnam's No.1 Economic news site: CafeF
  • Published 03 standard studies of the American Institute of Scientific Information (ISI)
  • Experienced in combat at Hanoi Investment and Development Fund (HANIF)
  • Over 15 years of experience in managing and teaching Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate Schools at Public and Private Universities in Vietnam at Public and Private Universities in Vietnam

Mr. Phong Nguyen Hong

Sale Director

Phong is our Sales Director and incharge of business development in Hanoi Market. Before joining Lendbiz, Mr. Phong had 13 years working at BIDV- one of the four largest banks in Vietnam.

  • 2 years as Head of Risk Management Department – ​​BIDV South Hanoi Branch
  • 5 years as Head of Personal Banking Department – ​​BIDV South Hanoi Branch

Mdm Dzung Pham Thanh

BOD cum Risk Head

Dzung is BOD member and Head of Risk. She is responsible for Risk Strategy, Product and Implementation. Dzung is BA and MBA from Banking Academy and has 16 years of experience at local and international banks before working at Lendbiz:

  • 4 years as Head of Risk and Debt Collection Policy – ​​VPBank.
  • 03 years as Branch Manager,  Prudential Finance 
  • 04 years as Head of Loan Appraisal and Approval Department – PGBank

Mr. Vuong Tran Anh

Member of the Board of Directors & Senior Advisor

Vuong has been our BOD senior advisor since 2018. He is one of the four powerful judges of the famous Shark Tank TV show. Vuong graduated with BA and MBA from NEU. Mr. Vuong has vast experience of doing business in many different fields including Import and Export, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Investment. Vuong is also an entrepreneur who is interested in developing the young generation and actively contributes to community activities. He is currently Vice Chairman of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Mr. Hung Nguyen Viet


Hung Nguyen Viet is our Chairman/CEO. He is responsible for developing business strategies and implementation. He has BA at the Banking Academy in 1995 and a Master of Economics from the Academy of Finance in 2006 and has been working in the field of finance and banking for 24 years

  • 03 years as Head of Retail at VietAbank
  • 05 years as Head of Retail at PGbank
  • 03 years as Branch Director at Pgbank