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Interest rate10%

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Profile Code Business Areas Call Amount Term Loan Area
WINSUN VN Construction 476,520,000 VND 8 months Ha Noi
VN Thing Construction 300,000,000 VND 12 months Da Nang
EEP VIỆT NAM Mechanical 470,000,000 VND 90 ngày Ha Noi
KHANG THINH CO Car, Motorcycle 498,283,000 VND 12 months Ha Noi
BAO ANH TRANSPORT Transportation 500.000.000 VND 9 months Ha Noi
VIET AU MEDICAL Medical 330,864,497 VND 12 months Ha Noi
THANHS.,JSC Educations 300.000.000 VND 11 months Ha Noi
TRUONG THANH STC Labor Service 500.000.000 VND 11 months Ha Noi


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