LendbizTerm Of Use


  • Lendbiz Joint Stock Company (Lendbiz) would like to welcome and thank our Customers for using our online transactions. In order to use the online trading services provided by Lendbiz to the Client from time to time, the Client is requested to carefully read the terms stated in the Terms of Use, Risk Disclosure. The Client may use the Online Trading services only after having agreed and accepted any provision of these Term of Use without any limitation or reservation.
  • Online transaction services are services provided by Lendbiz to Client via the Internet and/or by telephone, including:
    (i) Place orders; Make requirements for investment trading orders;
    (ii)Receive a list of investment orders;
    (iii) Update Customer information;
    (iv) Other services/utilities provided by Lendbiz according to Customer's needs and Lendbiz's ability from time to time.

I. Right to change the content of the Terms of Use

Lendbiz may, at its sole discretion, modify and supplement or replace any part of these Terms of Use. Terms of Use will take effect immediately upon publication on the website. Therefore, each time when using the Online trading services and the Website, the Client must review the contents of the Trading Terms to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information.

II. Limited use

  • All materials in this website are protected by intellectual property laws including matters relating to copyright, trademark, patent and others. Intellectual property rights are also protected in many other countries under multilateral and bilateral international treaties.
  • Clients have the right to use this website or its resources for non-commercial purposes, we encourage this use with citation of the source as well as keeping the link to this original document. Any other use, including copying, modifying, republishing in whole or in part, transmission, distribution, licensing, sale or publication of any material is prohibited without Lendbiz's prior written consent.

III. Disclaimer of guarantee

We do not accept the use of the resources of the Lendbiz website for any of the following:

  • Against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Infringing on the personal freedom of others.
  • Causing harm or disadvantage to others.
  • Disturbing public order.
  • Criminal offenses.
  • Dissemination and distribution of personal information by third parties without their consent.
  • Use this website for commercial purposes.
  • Humiliate, defame others.
  • Transferring infected computer files Viruses damage the operation of other computers.
  • Any action that is illegal or prohibited by the respective laws.
  • Any action that Lendbiz considers inappropriate.

IV. Confidentiality obligations of Clients

  • Client agrees to abide by the Terms and follow the instructions and any security procedures mentioned therein that Lendbiz provides online.
  • To use the services, the Customer will need a separate identification through the Username (access code), Password (including the access password and the order password).
  • Customer agrees to follow the instructions provided by Lendbiz when creating an Access Code, Access Password, Order Password, Questions to reset Password and other identifiers of Lendbiz to receive Customer form.
  • For resetting the Passwords, the Customer may change the Passwords at any time but any changes will take effect only when approved by Lendbiz.
  • Customer must keep its Passwords confidential and secure and take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized use of Access Tokens, Access/Order Passwords, Questions to reset Passwords and other customer identifiers. The Customer shall not allow others to possess or control the Access Code and Password under any circumstances and at any time.
  • Once the Customer has logged in to use the service, the Customer must not leave the terminal or other device that the Customer uses to connect to the service at any time or let anyone else use that terminal or device until the Customer has signed out of the service by choosing to log out. The Customer will be responsible for ensuring that the Customer is logged out of the service at the end of each period.
  • The Client must notify Lendbiz immediately of any unauthorized connection to the services or of any unauthorized transaction or request that the Client knows or suspects or if the Client suspects anyone that knows the Access Code, Access/Order Password, Questions to Reset Password and Security Code. Clients can notify directly or call the phone numbers listed on the website as notified by Lendbiz from time to time. Lendbiz may require the Client to confirm in writing any details provided by the Client. The Client will also have to immediately change the Password to another number or set that the Client has not used before. Until Lendbiz actually receives the aforesaid notice, the Client is still responsible for the use of the service by unauthorized persons or for unauthorized purposes.
  • Lendbiz may be required to ask the Client for the Client's Access Code to provide maintenance services but will not ask for the Client's Password. If Client provides Lendbiz with an Access Code, then Lendbiz will keep this information confidential. CLIENT NEVER DISCLOSURE CLIENT’ PASSWORD TO ANYONE, including Lendbiz employees.
  • Client agrees that Client will be responsible for the implementation and protection of any computer program or Personal Computer used in connection with the Service. The Client agrees to check the statement of transactions and account statements and notify Lendbiz immediately of any discrepancies.

V. Customer information

  • The Client provides information that Lendbiz reasonably requires so that Lendbiz can provide the services. If the Client does not provide the information that Lendbiz requests, then Lendbiz may not be able to provide all services to the Client. The Client must ensure that the information that the Client provides to Lendbiz in connection with the service is accurate, complete and up to date.
  • The clients commits to be responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the information that the client provides to Lendbiz through the website or other information exchange channels between Lendbiz and the Client.
  • The Client acknowledges and agrees that Lendbiz will use, store and transfer (whether inside or outside Vietnam) and/or exchange details of Client's information with the Investor or with all whom Lendbiz deems necessary. This includes but is not limited to exchanging information with any member of Lendbiz Corporation for service-related purposes and/or to develop, improve and enhance the provision of services and other financial services of Lendbiz and any member of Lendbiz Corporation to the Client in general and/or the exchange of information for the purposes and with those specified in Lendbiz's general policy on disclosure of information as set forth in the account information, notices or other Trading Terms that Lendbiz makes available to the Client from time to time.
  • In addition to the foregoing, Client acknowledges that, as Lendbiz deems necessary or correct, Lendbiz may transfer any details or information to any service provider (whether within or outside Vietnam) Nam) for such service providers (including third-party service providers, sales and network marketing agents) to process data on behalf of Lendbiz or provide services to Client provided that such service provider and Lendbiz enter into and agreement on terms of confidentiality of the transferred information.
  • Client agrees and acknowledges that service providers may be required by law to disclose information received from Lendbiz to third parties. Such situations include mandatory disclosure of information by a service provider by court order, police investigations, and criminal prosecutions for tax fraud or other violations.

VI. Commitment

When performing online transactions, the Client implicitly acknowledges that the execution of online transactions always exists potential risks and commits to accept all risks, loss or damage due to such risks potentially caused. The potential risks of online transactions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Problems related to the Internet connection caused by the service provider such as: broken connection, limited transmission capacity or similar problems that may affect the performance of online transactions of Client such as Client's online transactions cannot be transmitted to Lendbiz's system (Client's trading orders may be suspended/stopped/delayed or have data errors). Information may have errors/wrongs, deviations or Client cannot access Lendbiz's system.
  • Lendbiz's computer system has problems due to power failure, attack, virus infection or affected by unexpected problems resulting in inability to process or perform online transactions of customers.
  • Customer's computer system is damaged, Virus, attacked leading to disclosure or theft of customer's transaction information or Customer's account is illegally used by a third-party.
  • Online transactions made by Customers will be processed and executed automatically or automatically as soon as they are transmitted to Lendbiz's system. Lendbiz automatically confirms that all online transactions of the Customer sent to Lendbiz are correct and made by the Customer. Therefore, any opinion that it is a mistake or error related to the Client's transaction is not accepted. Any damage incurred is the responsibility of the Customer.



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