LendbizPhat Loc Package

Phat Loc Investment Product

A Bank Saving Acount with 12% pa rate of return

When participating in Phat Loc product, Investors will sign a Contract and entrust investment capital to Lendbiz Capital to lend to Enterprises/Households. Lendbiz Capital commits to return the principal and fixed interest to the Investor upon the Contract’s maturity.

Product Conditions

  • Citizens aged 18 years or older, having full civil act capacity as prescribed by the Civil Code.
  • Foreign individuals who are living and working in Vietnam from 18 years of age or older have full civil act capacity in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.
  • Not applicable to joint account holders or account holders who are state-owned companies or whose shareholders are state-owned companies.

Product Details

  • Profit from 6.5% - 12% up to participating terms
  • Investment term: 1 - 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 months
  • Minimum investment amount from: 10 million VND
  • Personal income tax: Lendbiz Capital will pay on behalf of Investors
  • Free Investment and management consulting fee
  • Only receive principal and no profit if Early withdrawal

Risk Free

Investor bear no risk when Lendbiz Capital lends to Enterprises/Households

High Profit

Profit from 6.5% – 12% up to participating terms

Short term

Short term from 01-12 months

Low Barrier
to Entry

Minimum investment from 10 Million VND

How investing with us

Step 1: Apply with us
Step 2: Sign the Investment contract and Deposit
Step 3: Get principal, interest payback when due date

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