Risk & Return

Investment always bears risk. The greater the risk - The higher Return and vice versa

Minimize risks for Investors

Lendbiz always tries our best to Minimize risks for Investors. We are here with you
Credit Risk
Cash flow timing risk
Reinvestment risk
Data Loss Risk
Platform Risk
Market Risk


The risk when the borrower is insolvent and not making scheduled payments.

Risk Minimization

  • Building an effective appraisal and evaluation system to screen out reputable and good SME and business households
  • Experience in loan collection and partnership with debt recovery companies
  • Encourage investors to diversify by investing in many different loans
  • All business owners are required to buy Term life insurance.


The risk when the borrower pays after the scheduled payment date.

Risk Minimization

  • Late Principal payment penalty fee or late interest payment penalty fee will be applied. These Penalty Fees to be paid to the Investor after collection


The risk of loss from having uninvested money in your account. This can occur when a borrower or lending company repays the loan early.

Risk Minimization

  • Setting up an automatic investment tool (Auto Invest) allows investors to set limits or choose preferred industries and types of businesses. After setting, Lendbiz Robots will be activated to automatically search and invest for Investors


The risk that Lendbiz’s data is hacked or Investor’s data is stolen.

Risk Minimization

  • Build a secured and safe data system with 3-layer architecture with firewall protection. Data is backed up daily in real time
  • The data exchanged between the customer and the online trading system is encrypted on the transmission line with SSL protocol, using the certificate of GlobalSign
  • Investors will be locked out after 5 incorrect login attempts. Use 2-layer password including user password and Captcha code to prevent password detection programs


The risk that Lendbiz goes out of business.

Risk Minimization

  • Lendbiz has sufficient financial, technological and human resources to ensure the stable, continuous and safe operation of the Platform
  • In case Lendbiz faces operational risks, investments in Lendbiz will be transferred to the appointed Law Office to ensure the interests of Investors
  • In all cases, the Investor retains ownership of his investment
  • Investment data is always


The risk of a decline in the value of an investment. This includes events such as an economic downturn, a financial crisis, exchange rate fluctuation, or prolonged epidemic

Risk Minimization

  • Encourage Investors to allocate capital into different asset classes
  • Allows the Investor to divest by reselling his investment when necessary

Mr. Nguyen Le Hoang

Vice Managing director

Nguyen is our Vice Managing director.  After graduating as an engineer in Information Technology at the Institute of Post and Telecommunications Technology, he has 13 years of experience in Information Technology:

  • 02 years as Deputy Director of An Vui Technology Joint Stock Company
  • 03 years as Project Manager at Fruitful Technology Co., Ltd
  • 02 years as Senior Developer at An Gia JSC
  • 03 year as Senior developer at Net2E Online Education and Training JS Company

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nam

Investment Head cum Marketing Head

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nam has been appointed as Chief Strategy Officer, officially joining Lendbiz's financial leadership team since June 2022.

  • Ph.D. graduated in 2019 from Hunan University (China-ranked 195 in the world - according to US News & World Report)
  • Expert on Vietnam's No.1 Economic news site: CafeF
  • Published 03 standard studies of the American Institute of Scientific Information (ISI)
  • Experienced in combat at Hanoi Investment and Development Fund (HANIF)
  • Over 15 years of experience in managing and teaching Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate Schools at Public and Private Universities in Vietnam at Public and Private Universities in Vietnam

Mr. Phong Nguyen Hong

Sale Director

Phong is our Sales Director and incharge of business development in Hanoi Market. Before joining Lendbiz, Mr. Phong had 13 years working at BIDV- one of the four largest banks in Vietnam.

  • 2 years as Head of Risk Management Department – ​​BIDV South Hanoi Branch
  • 5 years as Head of Personal Banking Department – ​​BIDV South Hanoi Branch

Mdm Dzung Pham Thanh

BOD cum Risk Head

Dzung is BOD member and Head of Risk. She is responsible for Risk Strategy, Product and Implementation. Dzung is BA and MBA from Banking Academy and has 16 years of experience at local and international banks before working at Lendbiz:

  • 4 years as Head of Risk and Debt Collection Policy – ​​VPBank.
  • 03 years as Branch Manager,  Prudential Finance 
  • 04 years as Head of Loan Appraisal and Approval Department – PGBank

Mr. Vuong Tran Anh

Member of the Board of Directors & Senior Advisor

Vuong has been our BOD senior advisor since 2018. He is one of the four powerful judges of the famous Shark Tank TV show. Vuong graduated with BA and MBA from NEU. Mr. Vuong has vast experience of doing business in many different fields including Import and Export, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Investment. Vuong is also an entrepreneur who is interested in developing the young generation and actively contributes to community activities. He is currently Vice Chairman of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Mr. Hung Nguyen Viet


Hung Nguyen Viet is our Chairman/CEO. He is responsible for developing business strategies and implementation. He has BA at the Banking Academy in 1995 and a Master of Economics from the Academy of Finance in 2006 and has been working in the field of finance and banking for 24 years

  • 03 years as Head of Retail at VietAbank
  • 05 years as Head of Retail at PGbank
  • 03 years as Branch Director at Pgbank