About us

We are a pioneer Vietnamese enterprise in the field of P2P lending. We strive to be a reliable address for Customers, Partners and Communities

Lendbiz Joint Stock Company was established on October 10, 2017 with the goal of becoming a leading financial technology group in the field of P2P Lending in Vietnam. Lendbiz is an intermediary bridge to help Business Owners who have difficulty in accessing capital from Financial Institutions to mobilize funds from the community of Investors. This model brings benefits to all parties and contributes to the development of Vietnam’s economy.


To become a Leading financial institution in Vietnam.

Lendbiz is oriented to be a leading Pioneer and Trusted Financial Technology Group in Vietnam. Lendbiz is constantly innovating, creating prestigious and effective services for the Business Community and Investors.


Create a new funding channel for the Economy

Small and Medium enterprises and business households always have difficulty in accessing working capital since they do not meet the conditions of collateral and loan conditions. Lendbiz creates a new channel to raise funds quickly and efficiently for Business Owners from the community of Investors, thereby creating jobs, contributing to socio-economic development.


Pioneer - Trust

Lendbiz is the leading P2P company in supporting Enterprises/Households to raise funds from Investors. We are constantly innovating and creating services to apply the advancements of technology to bring value to our customers and the community.

Lendbiz is a trusted address for Investors, Enterprises, Business Households and the Community. We are committed to complying with the Law and try our best to keep commitments to Customers, Partners and bring benefits to the Shareholders.

Leadership Team

The Expert

Mr. Hung Nguyen Viet


Mr. Vuong Tran Anh

BOD Senior advisor

Mdm Dzung Pham Thanh

BOD cum Risk Head

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nam

Investment Head cum Marketing Head

Mr. Nguyen Le Hoang

Vice Managing director

Our Strengths

Risk management

The risk management system is built on the basis of experience and technology, helping Lendbiz to find quality and safe SME/HHB loans.

Experience Leadership

Our leadership team has vast experiences in many fields from Finance, Technology to Manufacturing, Trading and Services

Superior technology

Our technology has continuously been updated to provide customers with unique experiences. It helps Lendbiz to efficiently manage risk and automate the service delivery process.